From Calais, take the A26 in the direction of Paris. Near the city of Arras you will automatically turn onto the A1. Close to Paris, take the A3 just long enough (800 m.) to switch to the A104 (direction Lyon). This is the outer ring around Paris, called the Francilienne. Continue following the A104 in the direction of Lyon till exits to the A6 are announced (in normal traffic after about 45 minutes). Take the exit to the A6 in the direction of Lyon. After about 20 minutes on the A6 take the A77 exit in the direction of Nevers. Follow the A77 for about 100 kms. Then, after the tollbooths (péage) at Cosne sur Loire, continue on the A77 for a little longer, passing Pouilly sur Loire. Take exit number 26, 'Narcy'. Via two roundabouts choose the road in the direction of Premery (the D38). In Premery follow the D38 in the direction of St. Saulge. After about 13 km take a left towards the Etang de Merle (the D181). You pass a campsite and a lake (the Etang du Merle) on both sides. When you have passed the lake, take a right on the little crossing (direction Crux la Ville). After about three curvy kilometres you get to a larger crossing, on which you take a left in the direction of Crux-la-Ville and St. Réverien. Now take the third road to the left. On this crossing (direction Cloiseau) you will see the sign for 'Les Biches'. Drive this country road through the hamlet, all the way to the top.  After the letterboxes and garbage containers on your left you pass one more house. Then, after a sharp and steep bend, you will see the cottage in front of you. You can park the car on the left side.

If you are using a navigation system, type 'Crux-la-Ville' for city and 'Cloiseau' for street name.

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